Scanner enables one touch overclocking on Nvidia RTX 20 series GPUs: Overclocking made easy

Overclocking Nvidia RTX GPUs

Just like the Nvidia GTX 10 series GPUs, the RTX 20 series GPUs are also overclockable. However, the process of overclocking is a cumbersome process, and, users have to play a lot with the voltage, current, frequency, and fan speed to find the right spot and it might take days to overall by finding the perfect parameter that your system can handle.

Overall RTX GPUs is easy: Thanks to Scanner

Nvidia has come up with a special programme, where one can automatically overclock a GPU by just selecting the option scanner. The scanner will trail run some settings with various voltage, fan speed base frequency without crashing (which might take up to 20 minutes), and, will come up with an optimal option to overclock (which will not crash the system).

However, one can also follow the traditional method of overclocking as well. The Scanner will be useful for the first time overclockers and who does not want to go deep into the subject of overclocking. Do note that, this method only works for GPU. Standard procedure has to be carried out to overclock CPU and RAM.

Should you overclock your GPU?

There is nothing wrong with overclocking a GPU, as it will improve the performance and will not void your warranty. That too with the Scanner you can overclock without any hassle.