Counter Strike: GO now available for free on Steam, but there is a catch

How to get CS-GO for free?

Go to your Steam account and search for Counter-Strike Global Offensive and click install to get CS-GO on any computer (for Mac and PC) for free of cost. The game will start downloading, depending on the internet speed the CS-GO will install on your computer.

After installation, click on Play Game on Steam or click on the shortcut of CS-GO on your desktop to start killing.

The catch

Don’t get too excited. Even though the game is available for free of cost, one can only play against the bots and you will not be able to join battles with your friends and other CS-GO enthusiasts.

Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve have released this free version, so that the users will get familiar with the functions and maps of the CS-GO, before making the actual purchase of the game. So, using the free version you can learn about the in-game controls and maps to get an idea about the game and how it works.

So, even though the game is available for free, you can only challenge boats and cannot play with fellow human beings.

How to get complete CS-GO game

To get the complete game, you have to make a purchase on Steam or you can buy a disk with a serial code to activate the game. Currently, the CS-GO is available in India for Rs 459 on steam. The full version includes Full edition enables access to online content and features, including multiplayer gameplay, official matchmaking, in-game inventories, skill groups, XP, ranks, and other online features.

This is a nice initiative from the developer, where a user can experience the game in a full extent before making the actual purchase. Hope that more game developers take this initiation.