10 biggest mistakes you might make when buying a smartphone

TV commercials may not tell everything

TV commercials are the biggest disguise in the name of a phone. These ads with their high quality videos only talk about the highlighted features. These commercials often represent some celebrities talking about a particular feature. The users often get carried away by such charms and purchase them, without actually knowing the other detailed features which commercials never show. So, avoid such thing and have the best information before you buy a phone.

Build quality could be overhyped by company

There are few mobile companies which only talk about their particular feature, that had aided the biggest advantage in the purchasing of phones. The problem with people is that they follow the brands blindly without looking for another device. Hence, before buying any device go for the detailed reviews and opt accordingly.

Don’t go by what they say in the store

This problem comes when you go to the store for the purchasing. The staffs there will keep you pushing for a particular device that sells more just for their own benefits. Hence, several people with little knowledge of technology comes under the trap, and buy them. Therefore, it is always mandatory to move with a person who has very much knowledge about technology.

Don’t always cling to the famous brands

This is the major issue of people who blindly follow the famous brands. When you can have featured packed phones priced around Rs. 20,000, what’s the necessity for high-end phones priced at par or above Rs. 50k.

Be open to buy last year models

It is always not correct that the new releases are always good or they outshine their predecessors. The users often get bluffed by the showcases of these newly devices with only new things. To avoid such mistakes, you can even look into a used smartphone which in good condition and for a good price, which can offer much more than a new and less powerful device.

Don’t buy without knowing your requirements

The consumers without understanding their requirements sometimes pick the wrong devices, which later can be proved as expensive. Like, if you love games a small screen or poor performance will ruin everything. Similarly, choice of a phone with weak battery backup can put you in difficult situation, when you are far from home. Hence, whenever you buy a new phone, figure out what suits you the most.

Don’t consider camera as the first factor

Camera can never make your phone faster without any lag. It can never assist you in storing huge data, or even help you when your device starts to discharge quickly. So, before purchasing any device make sure that the phone offers satisfactory features.

Don’t take display size alone into consideration

The external beauty is not at all sufficient to define the qualities of a person. Similarly, the bigger immersive display size shouldn’t be prioritized than other important features. Suppose, if you want to play your favorite games, then you have to make sure whether the processor is strong enough or not. Likewise, there are other factors too which you must consider.

Don’t consider RAM and storage as the only priorities

If you pick a device just on the basis of better RAM and better storage, you are likely to waste money twice in purchasing another device. So, understand your requirement deeply and thoroughly either by reviews or by a technocrat in your group or through someone else’s influence, and then buy.

Give priority to the processor

The entire activities on a phone depend on the type of a processor. If you have a snappy processor, your every single multitasking becomes fun while operating the device. Therefore, you must check for the faster and powerful processor.

Do check for the OS version

If you like to explore some of the best camera features amazingly, you must make sure that the OS in your phone works clean and fuss free. In addition, the good OS also enable other activities smoother and easier in your device.

Give preference to the audio quality

Although your phone is a powerhouse of quality features, it might not generate much effective audio quality. The problem arises when you are in a troublesome situation and are unable to catch the sound clearly. Or, if there’s any emergency call and you fail to receive. As such you might suffer a huge loss. The poor audio quality can might increase your frustration as well, and you might smash it down the floor. So, give it also an equal importance.

Understand if you need a headphone jack/USB port

Like many other useful features a headphone jack is also important. Sometimes, the poor shaped jack can lead to misfit of a headphone, and hence your hindrance increases by not letting you tuned to favourite songs. The same situation comes with USB port, which might not charge your battery due to improper cable tuning. So, make sure that these connectivity aspects are also in perfection.